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Types of Office Cubicles

Cubicle systems are primarily available in two general styles: freestanding and panel-mounted. Most office cubicles systems start from a panel-mounted design, with the wall panels acting as the basis of the system. Panel-mounted systems have desks, filing cabinets and other components mounted directly onto the panels. Freestanding systems use separate panels that are placed around interior components like desks and filing cabinets.

In addition to the basis of construction, freestanding cubicle systems and panel-based cubicle systems both have their own advantages.

Freestanding Cubicle Systems:

Easily installed, moved and reconfigured
Offer speed and convenience when reconfiguring your floor plan or moving employees among different spaces

Panel-Based Cubicle Systems:

A higher level of flexibility in design
Can be equipped with integrated internal power options, something the experts at Bizcube can help you with
Taller walls are able to provide a higher level of noise reduction and privacy


One thing to consider when choosing an office cubicle system is how easy it will be to reconfigure in a new space if you move your office. Arrangement of the cubes is key: standard rows and the “bullpen” style of several employees sharing a larger space are the most common, but sometimes offices require a more specialized layout.

Office Cubicle Sizes

The most common cubicle sizes are 6' x 6', 6' x 8', and 8' x 8'. These provide enough room for 1-2 computers, a printer, peripheral devices, paperwork, and sometimes a chair for visitors. Other popular sizes include smaller 4' x 2' call-center workstations and larger 10' x 10' cubes with full height walls for managers and executives.

In addition to the size, you'll height for the walls will be another factor you'll need to consider. Heights range from 36” to 65”, with 18" and 30" stack-ons available.

Taller walls create additional privacy, but also reduce light and make collaboration less likely. With walls at lower heights, collaboration is much more likely. Most employees enjoy the ability to converse with co-workers when standing but have the privacy they need when seated, so lower walls will encourage that type of interaction.

Call Center

Low panel for more collaborative environments or tall panel for added privacy.
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