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    What is Bizcube?

    • Bizcube is a creative, knowledgeable and collaborative industry leader providing innovative workplace and office cubicle solutions to a diverse client base.

    Why choose Bizcube office cubicles? 

    • Whether you have a small workspace or large corporation, Bizcube office cubicles are affordable ways to manage your workspace

    How much do office cubicles cost?

    • The cost of office cubicles varies depending on the design, arrangement, and size of the cubicle. At Bizcube we offer exceptional prices for any office cubicle configuration. 

    Can Bizcube help with the design and layout of my office space?

    • Yes! At Bizcube we have the team and expert knowledge to help guide you through the layout, spacing, setup, design, and flow of your workspace and cubicle solution.  

    Will Bizcubes help install my office cubicles?

    • Absolutely! Bizcube will guide you through the entire process. We coordinate with your vendors for cabling and electrical installation and will be there for you when you have questions and need guidance.

    What is the best office cubicle decor?

    • The aesthetic and decor of your office cubicle is all personal preference. Some companies will like to keep a streamlined look within all their cubicles in the office. Make sure your workplace is clean and pleasant. 

    What sizes do office cubicles come in?

    • The most common office cubicle sizes are 6' x 6', 6' x 8', and 8' x 8'. These provide enough room for 1-2 computers, a printer, peripheral devices, paperwork, and sometimes a chair for visitors. Other popular sizes include smaller 4' x 2' call-center workstations and larger 10' x 10' cubes with full height walls for managers and executives.