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Office Cubicle Design & Features

Whether you want to create a modern look and feel with luxury components or just provide a standard workstation environment shared by several employees, all office cubicles are made up of the same basic components.

Cubicle Power & Data Connections

You'll almost always need electric power hookups and data network connections for every office cubicle, no matter what style and height of walls you choose. "Base feed" style connections feature power from a wall outlet, whereas "top feed" style connections utilize wires coming down from the ceiling.

If you plan to have your cubicles next to walls or existing overhead sources of power, you can probably save money by just adding wall outlets or utility poles - without the need for columns created just to hide wiring.

Cubicle Storage & Additional Components

There are endless storage options are available for office cubicles, including file cabinet drawers, pedestals with wheels and shelving or cabinets built into the wall. Some cubicles even contain lockable, free-standing bookshelves.

Other available organizational tools include:
Wire management to keep cords in place and untangled
Built-in task lighting under storage cabinets or shelves
Marker boards, whiteboards or tack boards
Windows to create a more open feeling
Coat hangers in bar or hook form
Sit-stand work surfaces that can be raised or lowered

Modern Ergonomic Cubicle Design

The way office cubicles look and are styled will play a key role in the demeanor of the employees who use them. Collaboration and productivity of today's workforce can be dramatically impacted by the look and feel of an employee's workspace.

The most significant directional change to happen in years of modern office design is the shift toward more ergonomic support. Ergonomic support options can include extendable arms and monitor stands that help workers customize the height of their screen for optimal visibility.

In making the workplace healthier, more productive and more enjoyable, ergonomic design additions also include:
Stands for iPads and laptops
Ergonomic mouse pads and keyboard wrist rests
Specialty comfort keyboards, keypads, and mice
Customized document holders
Anti-glare or privacy filters for monitors


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