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Planning to Purchase Office Cubicles 

When planning to purchase cubicles for your office, turn to specialized cubicle providers like Bizcube to help you design a floor plan and choose the right cubicles to fits your business' goals and needs. Using a cubicle specialist like Bizcube becomes extra valuable when future growth requires the assistance of an expert, as opposed to someone just selling cheap, used cubicles.

Do your research

Prior to purchasing online cubicles, it's best to gather some general information about your office layout and needs of your workers to use in designing the best cubicle system layout. The following three factors are critical aspects that should always be considered.

Factor #1: The floor plan and cubicle layout
First, you'll need the floor plan of the office space where you want to set up the cubicle systems. A scale drawing is best, but if you don't have that available, you can measure the space yourself for a rough idea of your available layout. It's important to include structural objects or other immovable items in your plan, like water pipes, electrical wiring and support beams inside of drywall that will need to be hidden.

Office-wide considerations, like the location of printers, copiers, and any other items shared by multiple employees should be noted, as they'll need to be easily accessible without distracting other employees nearby.

Factor #2: Co-workers and employees
You'll obviously want to know which employees need workstations, but what those employees' functions are on a day-to-day basis is just as important. The cubicle needs for a floor of telemarketers vary greatly from the needs of a floor of computer software engineers.

Factor #3: Your business type
Modern cubicle systems are designed to accommodate a wide variety of workspace environments. Particularly, modern office cubicles lend to interaction among coworkers – ranging from open layouts designed for creativity and innovation to more private, enclosed spaces for banks, loan agents and other environments that contain confidential or sensitive information.

Most sellers will tell you to start early - but we usually have your order IN STOCK!
While larger orders or high volumes sales may extend lead times, the majority of office cubicle orders placed from Bizcube are in stock and ready to ship immediately. You don't need to wait three to six weeks between order placement and delivery. With Bizcube, you can get brand new cubicles for less than the price of used cubicles, in around a week.

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