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What Are Executive Office Cubicles?

Office space has changed a lot in the last 50 years. What used to be a benchmark of one's business stature is now more of a "less is more" and "minimal" consideration. Office space is expensive in 2019 and finding the right fit for your business takes a well-planned, budget conscience approach. But just because you are not housing your employees in an elaborate wooden and leather-clad penthouse office floor, doesn't mean you can't have the executive touch and privacy needed for your upper management team.

Enter executive office cubicles: The perfect solution for a private and spacious cubicle. 

Executive office cubicles are becoming more and more popular with today's companies and startups. CEOs want to instill a togetherness and team-first mentality and by sitting your upper management in executive cubicles closer to the rest of the employees, companies can develop a sense of strength and morale needed to compete in today's work environment.   

Benefits of an executive office cubicle

#1 More Light

Executive office cubicles are free-standing cubicles with four walls and generally do not contain ceilings. This offers more natural light to enter the workspace and makes for a more comfortable and pleasing environment. 

#2 More Approachable Management

Executive office cubicles allow for a more hands-on approach from upper management and garner a sense of togetherness and collective amongst the entire team. 

#3 Closer To The Action 

Upper management and executives will be entrenched with their co-workers and much more able to keep the workflow at top of mind while focusing on the employee group as a whole. 

#4 Cost-effective

Executive cubicles come in way below the cost of a fancy, closed-off office and have much more flexibility with setup, format, layout, and moveability. 

If you are in need of office cubicle solutions, executive cubicles are a perfect way to begin your layout and formation of your cubicle workspace. Let Bizcube help guide you through the cubicle buying and setup process. We have an unbelievable selection of executive office cubicles to suit any workspace need. 

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