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The History Of The Office Cubicle

In 1964, a designer working for the Herman Miller furniture company developed a new idea for workflow and efficiency. His name was Robert Propst and the invention was called the Action Office System.

Propst's idea was to bring back some work privacy to the open floor bullpen and increase productivity with more space to work on and adjustable desks for standing. 

55 years later, and the office cubicle has become a 3 billion dollar industry. Cubicle solutions are now found in offices around the world and advancements to design, structure, and compatibility have made them one of the most popular office work stations in the world.  

At Bizcubes, we offer a wide range of office cubicles and have the expertise and guidance to help you design, layout, setup, install, and properly utilize your workspace.

We provide companies with a better way to create their perfect work environment.

Our team of dedicated office cubicle professionals offers in-depth product and design knowledge, superb client service and skillful project management - all of which are focused on providing an unmatched client experience.

Our aim is to take your existing space and utilize all its parameters to create the perfect work environment for you and your employees. 

We offer office cubicles from a variety of categories including: 

#1 Modern Cubicles

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#2 Executive Cubicles

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#3 Glass Cubicles

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#4 Call Center Cubicles 

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Bizcubes is your leader for office cubicle solutions and installation. If you are in the beginning stages of an office setup or just need a refresh, we can help. Visit us online and shop our entire selection here!