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Office Cubicle Decor

Finding the right decor aesthetic for your office cubicle workspace can be a tedious task and often times we just leave our cubicles in the plan and boring state they arrived in. Cluttered with pens and papers, an empty coffee cup, and a computer monitor. 

But your cubicle decor means much more than just an appearance. Decorating and designing your workspace will help with moods, emotions, workflow, and productivity. Not to mention, bringing clients into your workspace without feeling embarrassed by your office environment. 

Here are 3 tips for a pleasant office cubicle decor:

 #1 Plants are your friends

Office Cubicle Plant | Bizcubes

Plants make a lovely decoration in any setting and in the office world, they can turn a usually boring open space into a magnificent foliage-covered world. Plants are beautiful and bring a very natural and organic decor to office cubicle design. Plants also filter and detoxify the indoor air, making your workspace more breathable and comfortable to work in. 

#2 Every picture tells a story

Picture Frames on Desks | Bizcubes

Picture frames of family, loved ones, and pets are still very much a part of office cubicle decor. They take up boring background space and fill it with an image of color and life. Pictures help when the days get long and the stress and frustrations mount up. 

#3 Organize creatively

Desk Organization | Bizcubes

Monotonous pen holders and document trays make any office cubicle desk seem even more boring. Spice up your organization with unique objects to hold your utensils and papers. Visit a home design store for an updated look and feel for pen cups and inbox/outbox trays. 

No matter what your style or design choices, your cubicle decor should most importantly make you happy and ready to work. Tackling the day with more motivation, focus, and energy will help your work/life balance and these simple touches can make all the difference. 

Bizcubes offers a full line of office cubicle solutions. We are a turn-key company and can take you from the initial buying options all the way to set up, layout, and design of your office cubicle workspace. Shop our office cubicle collection today!